E14 Fellowship Investment Program.
Most Founder Friendly Investment for MIT scientists.
 Apply for up to $250K in funding at no-cap, no-discount SAFES.

For larger $1-5M pre-seed, seed or series A investmentsAPPLY HERE

$50-100k SAFE

(No cap, no discount)

Personalized support

No cohort, support tailored to each team

Rolling applications

No deadlines, designed to work within your schedule


What's the E14 Fellowship program?

Driven by feedback from our community, we launched the E14 Fellowship. Like our core invested companies, E14 Fellows are companies with ambitious, talented, tenacious founders whose companies have the potential to rapidly scale. However, while E14 Fellows may not yet, for various reasons, be ready to digest a larger E14 investment, together we share a common goal of getting the company ready for a larger investment from E14 Fund or others. Note, that while E14 Fund does not invest in current student, we are happy to talk to you at any time and share advice to best prepare for your venture journey.

What kind of resources does the E14 fellowship offer?

The E14 Fellowship includes mentorship, a vibrant peer community, access to resources and a $50-100K investment on a no-cap, no-discount SAFE. To date, we have backed more than 60 E14 Fellows, many of whom have gone on to raise a core check weeks or months later.

If you'd like to apply to E14 Fund core investment ($500K-5M) please fill this form or reach out to us directly

How much equity does E14 Fund take?

The Fellowship Investment program is designed to be the most founder friendly. We beleive that at this very early stage of the business, putting a valuation or a valuation cap is not fair to the founders. For that reason, our fellowship SAFE investments are done at no-cap and no-discount.

Do you allow the company to take part of other programs at the same time?

The E14 Fellowship program does not preclude you from taking part in other investment or non-investment programs either before, during or after your participation with E14. We also often help E14 Fellows work out plans for other complementary programs and resources such as other accelerators, non-dilutive grants, etc.

How many fellows do you back per year?

Acceptance into the E14 Fellowship program is on an ad hoc, rolling basis based on community needs and qualifications with only about 15 E14 Fellows per year. To date, we have supported more than 60 fellows.

Do I have to be in Boston?

No, you can be anywhere. E14 Fund supports and invests in great, world-changing MIT companies wherever they may be for the E14 Fellows program and with our core investments as well.

Looking for a larger investment?

If you are looking to raise a larger investment from E14 Fund ($500K-5M) please apply here.

E14 Fellowship Application

Consider applying for a core check if you are looking to raise 500K+

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